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Hey, my name is Vincent, and I'm just some guy from New York. I post art and other minor stuffs that I want to get out there. Hope you enjoy!

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Happy New Years, everyone! I hope you guys had a good week and what not. I'm here to tell you guys about some links and stuff that might help and interest you.

First of all, Newgrounds has a list of creator resources that the site can direct you to, this ranges from software recommendations, royalty-free music, and guides to voice acting. So if didn't know it was here and you're in the market for any of these things, check out the creator resources page, linked here.

With that being said, let me give you some personal links that you might be interested in.

CSS Tutorials

Color References for CSS ----- Not necessarily for CSS, just a list of colors in general and their hex color codes.

Soundsnap ----- A website of sound effects

SoundFXCenter ----- Another sound fx website, but this has some video game/movie/tv sounds.

Blambot ----- Full of downloadable fonts

YouTube to MP3 Converter

Swivel ----- And of course, Swivel, which can be used to convert your .swf files

Sublime Text ----- A software for source code editing.

Celtx ----- A website to write scripts, make storyboards, and other things in production. But some of these things require payment. Scriptwriting is free if that's all you need.

Krita ----- A program for drawing and painting, it's what I use for my art.

Audacity ----- A program to edit music and what not.

Also if you are in need of references for characters, check out that franchise's wikis. Like if you need images of Mortal Kombat or Star Wars, those wikis have tons of images.

And on the hush hush, if you need some Pokemon Emerald cheat codes for your emulator, bang! Here you, go.


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